Wristband Based GPS Navigation System

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The GPS and the sensor technologies have been evolved over the past decade in the global market of transport and navigation. These technologies lead the world for more safety of people and vehicles. The current technology provides the information of route, direction, speed and destination on the display screen. But to use these features, the rider have to concentrate on the display of GPS console which is risk associated, time consuming and leads to lack of concentration which further invites catastrophic situations.In the world, day by day, the accidents of the two-wheelers are increasing fearfully. Global status report about road safety shows the percentage of accidents that claims 1.2 million people die on road each year. The two-wheeler riders who wear headphones while riding add up to increase the probability of accident occurrence and there are no strict rules to ban wearing headphones.

Fig 1 Conceptual Design of Wrist Band

These days GPS system with smart phone integration provides efficient transportation to the riders. But there is problem of concentration due to frequent watching at display window. Hence, our objective is to provide a novel system that will be helpful to bike riders to focus on their routes along with using the navigation facility without using the headphones The innovative low cost design of vibration band consisting of small size DC motors that vibrate according to the GPS system signals and hence enable rider to decide on navigation. This is also beneficial to the riders who use headphones during ride and hence avoid the encumbrance.

Lately the growth in the field of communication devices and technology has been tremendous. Various sensors such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, global positioning system and magnetometers has been incorporated into mobile devices. Integration of such sensors has made the communication devices smarter and advanced. Such devices can only be aid to the driver but not to take full control of the vehicle. Providing proper feedback to the driver is important in alarming rash driving behaviours.

Fig 2 Block Diagram of the GPS Wrist Band System

As shown in the block diagram, the whole system comprises of software and hardware section. Software section includes the android application integrated with Google maps. The user inputs the desired destination into Google maps android application and the co-ordinates are captured by the user developed android application. Captured co- ordinates are sent to the microcontroller which is the central part of this whole application. Micro controller tracks down the path and gives necessary control signal to the motors placed inside the wrist band and actuates the actuator according to the destination path.

As the motor in wrist band start actuating, the user gets vibration on left and right bands. Depending on the vibrations user gets directed towards its destination. The complete flow chart of this process is explained as below.

Fig 3 Flowchart of the system

The prototype of conceptual wrist band shown in Fig 4 and 5 has been developed on Arduino Uno development board. The programming of micro controller is done in embedded C using dedicated Arduino C compiler. Analog circuit design has been tested and verified in LT spice simulation environment.

Fig 4 Wrist Band with Stepper motors
Fig 5 Prototype board of wrist band

This wrist band technology will definitely help the two wheeler riders to get to their destinations without compromising on safety and concentration. In future more advanced and attractive to user design can be developed and technology will be mainstream to all riders.

Vijaykumar T Korishetti working as Assistant Professor in Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering

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