What Is Migration ?

Migration is the process of moving your website from one server to another. If done with a large database including various types of media and other types of advertising, this can be a very big, confusing, and stressful job. Especially if you have a lot of plugins on your website, you may have to disable all of them before you move the website, then re-enable them once you have moved in order to avoid having a lot of ERROR or 404 messages.

Reasons To Migrate To WordPress

WordPress empowers 25% of all web-related sites. That means by migrating to Word Press, you have just joined a community of over 4 billion developers.

  • If you face any issues with your version of Word Press, there will be someone out there that has faced the same issue, worked through it, and can help you out.
  • Word Press remains open-source and still manages to regularly update itself due to a large and generous community of developers.

Easy to Manage

  • User friendly administration area
  • No knowledge of coding needed
  • Administration area is clean, quick to load and responsive

Easily customized

  • For those who use code, Word Press provides tools to make customization easier
  • For those who do not use code, Word Press provides themes and plug-ins ready to use

SEO tools provided in default

  • Default templates are easily searchable and crawlable by bots
  • Permalinks
  • Self-Contained Taxonomies
  • Plugins available to enhance SEO experience

Flexibility and Scalability

  • Word Press is able to keep pace with rapid growth and change
  • Fits around your needs and constraints better than most other platforms

Why use Webindia Inc to Migrate?

If you have a large website that you have developed over the years using HTML coding and now want to migrate your site to Word Press for its ease of management (among other features) you are going to need an experienced team of developers to make the job possible. Migrating from one site to another is hard enough. Migrating from one site to another and changing code at the same time is a job for a team of professionals. This is what we have at Web India Inc. Our team of experts will make a complete backup of your database, widgets, media, and everything else you have on your site to ensure that nothing is lost in the move. Then we construct your website and run it through a series of tests that spot any errors or hidden bugs in the program. After the site is error and bug free, then we download your data, widgets, and media onto the website and test it again. After the testing is complete, then we enable your new website, which will replace the old one. We are experts at this and have developed tools and procedures to make everything go as it should. We will make certain that we keep you informed. Our policy regarding our clients is honesty, transparency, and expert service. We keep an eye on your bottom line, and refuse to go over budget. Also we have a very fast turnaround time, to keep you on your schedule.