What is Responsive Website Development?

Responsive Website Development (or Design) is the development and design of websites using “fluid” or “responsive” designs that change the buttons, menu, and navigation to fit the design of the device being used. They are usually designed using the Word Press application. Word Press is a very responsive design, allowing visitors to your site to see your products from using many different devices. This design is great for mobile applications as it allows visitors to view your site whether they are at work on a desktop, using a laptop during their commute, or on their mobile phone.

What are the Advantages of Using WordPress ?

Word Press is not only responsive, it’s fast, smart and inexpensive. Most of the plugins used for your Word Press application are either free or available at very affordable prices. This less expensive cost for Word Press and its plugins contributes to the popularity of Word Press. Another factor is the fact that websites using Word Press will fit any device, mobile or not. Since the percentage of the world’s population using mobile devices is expected to skyrocket during the next decade due to the increasing flexibility of the applications and the decreased cost of the phone itself, this means that having an application that can be viewed across multiple devices is more important than ever to your sales. Word Press is not only the world’s most popular CMS, it is also capable of hosting websites within itself. This means that you not only have a website on Word Press, you can also use it as a server.

Why Should Entrepreneurs Use Websprout Informatics ?

Entrepreneurs should use Web India because of Web India’s proven track record. We are the largest and oldest web-based advertising agency in India. We were founded in 2008, soon after the Internet was released to the general public. We have a team of developers with extensive experience in developing new websites for our clients and since we opened for business, we have never had a complaint to our regulatory agency. We have a policy of complete customer satisfaction and we stake our reputation on satisfying our customer’s advertising and business needs. We work in a team atmosphere, with all team members being expert in their fields, all coming together to make good things happen for our clients. When you come to Web India, Inc., you will find that we have a policy of complete transparency, cooperative client assistance, and honesty which will build your trust in us. We are here to serve our clients and we keep their bottom line always in mind. This means that once we set up a budget for you, we will never go over that budget. In addition, we have a no-long-term contract policy. This means that all our clients come back to us every month because they want to, not because they have to.

In return for their confidence in us our customers receive:

  • A 100% customizable website
  • Proven methodology
  • Skilled developers
  • Flexibility
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Quality work
  • Quick turnaround time