Why Customize?

The internet is a great place to shop—and also a great place to sell. But how do you get your shop noticed on the internet? The answer to that question is Theme Customization. Shopify is a wonderful platform full of great themes. Choosing which theme fits your store, your service, or product can be a daunting experience, because of the sheer number of possibilities. This is where our expert programmers at Web India, Inc., can help. Each business is different. This means that each store run by a business should be different. Do you want:

  • To enhance the appeal of your on-line store?
  • To offer the most satisfying shopping experience to your customers?
  • To add certain functionalities to your e-store?
  • To add certain information to your store?

At Websprout Informatics, we can do all of the above and more with our Shopify Customization Services!

What Is Customization ?

Customization is the process of “tweaking” your theme to make discreet changes to the way your Shopify store works. For instance, we can add/subtract the types of payments you receive, or the languages your store appears in, or any of a number of other changes that will personalize your store and make your customer’s shopping experience even better.

Why Websprout Informatics ?

We have more experience at web development than most others you will see advertising their services on the internet. Instead of a few years (at most) of experience, Websprout Informatics, was incorporated in 2008. That gives us a foundation of decades of experience, virtually unmatched anywhere else. In addition, we have a tradition of innovation and a willingness to experiment

What We Do ?

When we are developing your Shopify store, we make sure to keep you informed. We also ask about your specific requirements for the store. We offer custom themes for Shopify and help you choose from the plethora of opportunities available. We have many beautiful themes and others that are more functional, but still very attractive. We also make sure we go through all the following as standard and select options for all these customizations:

  • PSD to Shopify template integration
    • A .psd file is a standard adobe photoshop ending for their files. .psd files are composed of many layers and are very customizable. We use XHTML code to convert your .psd files into attractive and unique Shopify stores by integrating your .psd files with your Shopify theme.
  • This allows you to display all your products/professional services at their most attractive level.
  • Shopify custom search filter set up
    • we can set up a customized search filter that will help the customer to navigate to their item of interest
  • Shopify development

We offer customized functions for all the themes we offer, including .liquid templates. These templates make certain that your store design shows up across all devices so that your customers can access your store whether they’re on a desktop, a laptop, tablet, or even a phone or so-called Smart Watch.