What is Magento Migration ?

Magento migration, much like any other, is transferring your website from one programming platform to another.  It includes 3 phases.

  • Migrating your product data, customer base, SEO features, and other necessary data.
    • Data safety is assured during and after transfer.
  • Layout Transfer
    • Our professional team of experts transfer your existing layout to a new, professional and vibrant Magento theme
  • Function Transfer
    • Transfers the existing e-Commerce modules and plugins. Customized Magento plugins, extensions, and customer care tools are created as required.

Why Migrate To Magento?

Magento has highly developed and regarded features like

  • More powerful, flexible platform
  • Easier navigation
  • Easier customer care/service
  • Order tracking statistics
  • Reporting functions
  • Supports higher growth rate
  • Transforms store into an easier to manage, user friendly, easily accessible platform

Migration Features

Our expert team can take care of all aspects of the migration for you.  We can ensure that your database is transferred without data loss.  Once the data transfer is complete, then we download your layout and transfer the functions you had to your new site.

Why Use Websprout Informatics ?

Websprout Informatics is the oldest web advertising agency in India.  We were incorporated in 2008, and have yet to have a customer complaint.  We take our customer’s needs into account at every step of the process, and we have a policy of being completely transparent and honest while handling the customer’s website.  Our prime concern is to keep your costs low and your sales up.  We communicate with our customers at every point, informing them of what we are doing, why we are doing it, and when we will be done.  We have the fastest turn-around time in the industry, and we do everything we can to make certain that your business needs are satisfied.  We have the experience and the expertise to assure that you will never have to replace our company in the middle of a project, and we have enough staff and in-house developers to make certain the the work you contract for us to do will get done to your satisfaction.

If you think that this will be expensive, or out of your budget, you would be wrong.  We help you set a budget for our work and we will always stay within that budget.  Remember, our main concern, besides doing our best work for you, is keeping your costs down.