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Most of us find it is annoying to find the gas lighter point it and ignite the LPG .There electronic lighters that take battery and ignite the Gas but again you have to point and ignite.

Will it not be better to have it full automatic like the cooking range(expensive ones).

Here the circuit idea makes it possible .We are using a few components to control the lighter so that it gives a spark for just a 1.5 seconds .we need two things

1)Limit the spark to say 1.5Sec

2) Attachment to make the GAS auto spark on turning knob

First get a single cell gas lighter(we are simplifying the DIY by ready made lighter).Take the power lines as wires (you must never open with battery connected). Make the circuit in the figure.

Circuit Operation

At power on the capacitor passes a tiny amount of current just to fire the ignition circuit.The 10K resistor makes sure the capacitor discharges in 10sec. So the leaf switch makes a short duration spark everytime it is closed.

We will use simple rc passive circuit to limit the spark time as in the circuit .

A leaf switch will automate the ignition .Connect it so that the knob turning action makes it ON.

Finally the spark

The part that is there in the lighter to the spark gap.

The spark Gap :

Use brass points on heat resistant material .Best is put cement on waterbottle cap and put brass wires in it .Test the gap to get the spark correctly.

TEST Procedure Read carefully :

To test it take the full gas outdoors in open area. Adjust the spark gap and test by opening gas 1sec and closing it.

This should be built by experienced person only.

Safety buzzer

A optional smd buzzer circuit is recommended to make sure that the battery voltage is good enough to run the lighter. It will beep along side the spark.

Parts list :

  • 1.5V lighter
  • 10k -1
  • 10uf/16V -1
  • Leaf switch -1
  • Wires -1set
  • Verroboard -1


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