Why Customize My WordPress Theme?

Word Press Themes are the files that work together to build the look of the website as well as the widgets that work together to make certain the website functions correctly. The reasons for customizing your theme can be as simple as wanting a memorable website for your visitors, or as complex as adding a needed function to your existing website. Theme customization can be as simple as adding a widget to allow your customers to pay securely using their chosen payment gateway, or as complex as adding several pages of products, a customer service area, an area to report problems using the website, and a background to the theme as well. This can be simple if you are a developer accustomed to building a website on Word Press, but for someone who doesn’t use code but still wants a customized web site and doesn’t like all the themes that Word Press has available, this is a job for a developer.

Why Use Webindia Inc to Customize My WordPress Theme?

Websprout Informatics has been in business in 2008. Since then, we have kept abreast of the newest developments in code and in website development. We have always had a policy of being transparent and honest with our clients. We work in a team environment, which we have found leads to more creative, innovative website development than that of one person working alone. We always keep one eye on the budget set by you, and we do not allow budget over-runs. We also make certain that everything on your site works the way you need it to before we install anything.

This means that before we do anything, we download a complete copy of your website, including your customer database, and we do the work on a separate test site, including testing for code errors and looking for bugs. We make certain that the background is in place, that all the widgets are working, that we have optimized the SEO functions of the site, that the code we used to build your theme is error-free and works across multiple devices Before we make any changes. After we are done changing and testing your website, we download the results of our work and enable all the changes in your site so that you are completely satisfied with our results. You can rest assured that everything we do will make your website more responsive and easier to use, both for you and your customers. Our methodology has been proven and we use only the latest best practices guidelines during your Word Press Theme Customization. We want you to be satisfied and to that end we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied or you receive your money back.