What is Shopify ?

Shopify is an on-line hosted application for startups, and small-to-medium sized businesses that want to set up an online store for their customers with minimal expense and maximum customer exposure. This e-commerce store can be very versatile, and can feature your product and its features in a way that will best promote your product and services.

Why Use Shopify ?

Shopify is an excellent way to reach consumers as it is a multiple-device platform. That is, it can run not only on a desktop computer, but also on a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone. It also:

  • is easy to install an manage
  • accepts multiple currencies
  • has efficient inventory management
  • is perfect and handy for small-to-medium sized businesses

Shopify can accept .psd files and can display them to your shoppers. Please remember that Shopify is a large program with many extensions. The extensions make it a more versatile platform, but at the same time it can be confusing and difficult for a store owner to choose the best extensions and conversions for their business. This is why we recommend using an experienced web-site development team to assist you with your Shopify experience. The right team can make all the difference between having a really impressive, sophisticated Shopify store that fits your product, services, and customers or having a standard, difficult-to-mange experience for you and your customers.

Why Use Websprout Informatics ?

Unlike many other companies who think that 1-5 years of experience is something to get all excited about, Websprout Informatics, was incorporated in 2008 and has been developing websites designed to help their clients access and develop and maintain their presence on the internet ever since. That means we have over 35 years of experience managing websites. This means we have teams of dedicated developers who are expert and have decades of professional experience helping clients like you initiate, develop, and maintain their presence on the internet. We can take your files and turn them into a Shopify store, which will be pixel-perfect and will intensify the pleasant experience your customers find when they visit online. We have many Shopify themes ready for you to choose from, and we can customize them so that your store will be unique and stand out from your competition. Your Shopify apps will also be set up at the same time, making for easy installation and integration into your Shopify platform. This store will not only be easy for your customers to shop at, it will set up in a way that will be easy for you to manage online. The HTML code we use will be very easy for you to work with. You will be easily able to add, delete, and modify your products and product list whenever you need to. Our professional installation will take all the hassle out of this experience, so that you will be able to see quick results.